Katrina & Andy's sailing adventure UPDATE - Update Aug 2016

August 2016

Here is a link to Ealing News Extra with a nice article about Katrina and her partner: http://ealingnewsextra.co.uk/features/life-lessons-on-the-open-seas/


Please see Katrina's message below:

Hello there, wonderful choristers: This link (to YouTube) tells more of Andy's continuing event. We are in Sydney Australia now and Andy will soon embark upon the notorious Sydney to Hobart race.

He is nervous as he is lining up in a small harbour with 109 other yachts. It will prove to be spectacular no doubt.

As you know, my event ended in October but I continue to follow and raise money for MND through telling my story and that of Andy's.

I am employed again, as a SENCo in my home town of Christchurch New Zealand and will be in my house from February onwards so if any of you are planning a visit to NZ, do get in contact, there is a room and I would love to see you!

Please do visit the Facebook site 'Clipper round the world for MND'; you will see a great many more movies about my experience on Unicef during Leg One. They are worth a visit!

Until next time - enjoy Xmas! There is also a documentary beginning about our race so look out for it on your TV guide; it is called 'the Race of their Lives 2'

Katrina Boxall

Here is the previous post from Katrina:

I have been a happily singing member of the Questor’s Choir since January 2013 and it has given me great joy. However, in August my partner Andy and I step on board a 70 foot racing yacht, with 20 other amateurs and one professional skipper to race against 11 other yachts: challenging our limits to raise money for the Motor Neurone Association in memory of our dear friend Clare who died of MND in 2013. Clare’s partner Jon died of cancer 18 months before her, so after 38 years together, they each died of insidious, progressive diseases, both aged 58.

Clare and Jon loved the outdoor life, spending their life's energies to protect and regenerate it. They worked everywhere from the Antarctic to Stephen's Island Tuatara Sanctuary, they planted trees, preserved habitats. Clare was also a gifted teacher working to inspire the young in mathematics and in horticulture.

 This is like nothing we have ever done before and although I will alight in Brazil (and then return to New Zealand), Andy will be completing the circumnavigation, taking 11 months and enduring the southern ocean, the Sydney to Hobart, the Ice Gate of the Northern Pacific during the winter and other incredible adventures. We want to remind all of the tenets that Clare and Jon lived by; do only good and experience it all! Live life to the full and go hard. If our commitment to their memory inspires others to do the same or, to give a little to those that suffer, then so be it.

As one choir member to (probably) another, please give a little. All donations go to the Motor Neurone Association - we have funded our adventure.



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