How to be a model choir member...

1. Pay your membership fee at the stipulated time (see below).

2. Make sure you arrive in time to start singing at 8 pm, allowing for all “preliminaries” and settling in.

3. On arrival, make sure your section Rep knows you have arrived.

4. At the same time, please check for and collect any new music or other paperwork that you do not already have.

5. Indicate known, unavoidable absences by letting your section Rep know.

Escape to the country and sing your heart out with award winning conductor Hannah Brine

Choral Conductor Hannah Brine is hosting two countryside singing retreats this year (Essex -  1st-3rd June & Stourbridge 30th August - 2nd September) and we wondered if any of your choir members or students would be interested in coming along? 

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