"The Land Without Music"

Saturday, 15 March, 2014 - 19:30
St John's Church, Mattock Lane, W13 9LA

In Edwardian England, choirs were popular and flourishing. Nevertheless, German journalist Oskar Schmitz argued that England was the only cultured nation without its own music. Well, England may not have had a Mozart or a Beethoven, but people had lots of fun singing the songs made in England. This Edwardian spirit was captured at the Questors Choir concert 'Land without Music' on Saturday night at St John's church in Mattock Lane. Musical director Philip Norman served up choral pieces by Coleridge-Taylor, Sullivan, Parry, Elgar, Stanford, Barnett, Lloyd and Gaul, as well as English part songs for small groups of singers, and songs by guest soloists Danny Standing (baritone) and Inge-Lise Nygaard Parsons. As ever, the singers were superbly accompanied by Richard Wilkins on piano. The audience was carried through themes of love, comedy, adventure, religion and patriotism - and back - and everyone was enchanted.

The choir sang:

You Shall Hear, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (from Haiwatha’s Wedding Feast, 1898)

 O’er the Bright Blue Sea, Arthur Sullivan (from HMS Pinafore, 1878)

 Hamelin Town, Charles H H Parry (from The Pied Piper of Hamelin, 1905)

 Epilogue, Edward Elgar (from The Banner of St George, 1897)

 Magnificat, Charles Villiers Stanford ( from Service music in Bb, late 19thC)

 And Now the Storm Blast Came, John Barnett (from The Ancient Mariner, 1867)

 Up with the Sails, Charles H Lloyd (from Hero and Leander, 1884)

 They that Sow in Tears, Alfred Gaul (from The Holy City, 1882)

You can see photos of the concert, taken by Alistair Mitton, in our Photo Gallery below