Workshop "Solemnis: Bach, Beethoven and the Latin Mass"

Saturday, 21 January, 2017 - 13:00
St Martin’s Church, Hale Gardens, West Acton W3 9SQ
We had an enjoyable afternoon of singing music by Liszt, Gounod and more, with presentations about the musical background, and how Bach, Beethoven and other composers set standards and goalposts, even though we had to decamp to the church hall because it was much warmer there. There were over 40 attendees with many non choir members, which was wonderful.
The program for the afternoon was: (though because of the move to the hall we did run 30 minutes late which we are very sorry for, though this was out of our hands)
1300 – registration and welcome
1330 – session 1
1430 – interval
1450 – session 2
1550 – interval
1610 – session 3
1700 – end
There were visuals as well as taking part and Tea, coffee and biscuits were available through the afternoon.