Welcome to Questors Choir, Ealing

Our first term on-line as a Choir stars on 13th January: Nothing’s going to stop us singing, right?

This is a great time to experience the positive and life-enhancing benefits of choral singing. Come and try us out from the comfort of your own home! We will provide music and sing-along tracks and, if you haven’t sung for a long time, no-one will be able to hear your first few weeks. 

Please sing every day, whether it’s in the shower; doing the dishes; on hold on the phone (“you are number 1732 in the queue”). Sing a show-tune, a 1970s disco number, an operatic aria or a Christmas carol … the most important thing is to keep your voice in use and to enjoy your own sound.

You can do that best by joining us in our Zoom rehearsals! To contact us Click here