Welcome to Questors Choir, Ealing

Nothing’s going to stop us singing, right?

Our rehearsals are giving us uplift and enjoyment, so for the minimal cost of a Zoom licence, we are delighted we decided to go on-line. The programme is a wonderful mix of challenging music. We have incorporated singing training/ vocal health sessions which have been very popular and, in the next weeks, we will have mid-rehearsal sessions with the composers whose works we are ‘premiering’, even if silently!

Next term will have to start on line again with a varied programme of short works and more vocal health sessions. But we are planning (with real hope this time) to move back to real singing as soon as permitted and using the Church of St Martin’s with its space, high ceiling and airflow. AND with a hope of a performance on 17th July

Don't forget to sing every day, whether it’s in the shower; doing the dishes; on hold on the phone (“you are number 1732 in the queue”). Sing a show-tune, a 1970s disco number, an operatic aria or our current repertoire… the most important thing is to keep your voice in use and to enjoy your own sound. 

You can do that best by joining Questors Choir! To contact us Click here