How to Join Questors

Membership is open to anyone at or over the age of 18:
  • You do not have to be able to read music
  • No musical audition required
  • We have a friendly and informal atmosphere
  • Attend up to three rehearsals for free (we do ask you to return your music at the end of rehearsals until you have fully joined)
  • After that, you pay a membership fee and continue to sing with us - we're sure you will!
  • 18 - 25?  Become a member free of charge!
  • As with all good choirs, you need to be willing to do some practising at home.
  • We often have "downloads" (MP3/MIDI files and other software) to help you practise.
  • Punctuality and regular attendance are expected from all members.

Membership is ultimately at the discretion of the Musical Director. 

The MD may require any member found insufficiently prepared not to sing in a public performance - such a decision to be made no less than 3 weeks before the performance.

If you are interested to join us, come along to a rehearsal Where and When we meet. Or if you need more information, you can email '' giving your details and we will be right back.

Any members who have not paid their subscription may not normally sing in concerts.
Please also note

18-25 year olds may join free of charge

The Treasurer has the discretion to agree special terms for anyone unable to pay the subscription in the usual way.